Saturday, December 6, 2008

As Easy As Reet Reet Reet

Tattoo that interests me: ( I say interests because I want to make this section a regular in my blog and I know that some posts I'll love the corresponding tattoo and other posts I will hate it. so i want to keep this section with a nice an easy title. Just about every tattoo interests me. Suckers.)
For those of you that don't know this would be a full back piece of the inside cover to famed heavy metal band Anthrax's State of Mind Euphoria album. It's got Not Man who's the big moustached dude with his arms positioned gingerly around one of the best bands of all time. Yes those are cartoon charactetures. Anyway, this man's devotion to the band that brought the late 80s such hits as "Caught In A Mosh" and teamed with Public Enemy for "Bring The Noise" absolutely astounds me. Incredible. 

I'm applying to go to SVA (the Harvard of Comicbooks) and it's really hilarious. I remember picking through every aspect of my life two years ago trying to find some kind of gimmick to sell colleges. Boston Latin School gives you the impression that the illusion is what it's all about and that schools aren't going to give you the time of day unless you're some kind of anomaly. And then you have to figure out which kind of anomaly you are. At least that's how I made sense of my time spent in the college resource center. It's pretty interesting to have gone through that process and gotten into my number one school and then wound up miserable there. Live and learn mother-fuckers. Live and learn. 
Just incase anyone doesn't know the word "pandemonium" is a cool word and also the Capital of Hell. Holy shit, by the way. If you haven't yet, search "dear body" on youtube, and go crazy. Literally the creepiest thing. ever. 

Here are my number ones/favorites.
Number one thing I look for in Women: British accents. ahhhhhh
Number one favorite book: Count of Monte Christo, easy.
Number one fan: my Momma.
Number one amplifier: 1983 Marshall JCM 800 easy.
Number one car I would drive for the rest of my life: 1972 BMW 2002 tii, Black with tan interior, 4 speed transmission, 1965 Ferrari gt racing wheel, cd player, damn. 

Ok. this was a weird post post. I'm trying to figure this shit out. BEAR with me. 

homework. yeah that's right there's fucking homework.
read one Will Eisner comic. Will Eisner basically invented comic books. He is responsible for the Spirit which has a movie based on it coming out soon. Read at least one before you go see it. (Same for Watchmen. Read it. Trust me.)

wait and hope,

p.s. shout out to my girlz cat and sydney. I'm sure you are the only people who will read this. You ladies fucking make NYC blow loads all over the streets. And I think Ping and Pong (my dogs, syd. If you're not up on your Miles Stafford trivia.) are trying to murder me. I hear their thoughts. Get help. they keep repeating the following.
Listen: I heard.
You jumped Pajamas and fall.
why can't floor and books and calm under inside the farm.
this isn't. believe us. when it happens, it will happen too efficiently.

oh and pps comment if you want me rant about something whatever.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

How The Hell Are You?

Hullo! My name is Miles Mear Stafford. This is my blog. Here are some subjects I intend on writing about: 
Marshall Stacks
Old Cars 
Boston, Massachusetts
The MC5
The Culinary Arts
and of course Comic Books!

I'll probably wind up posting some of my creative writing all over this thing as well. It's all going to be positively fascinating.
Stay tuned. You may learn something. 

wait and hope.